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Covering the Upper Half of Oregon's Coast: Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Arch Cape, Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler, Rockaway, Garibaldi, Bay City, Tillamook, Oceanside, Netarts, Pacific City, Neskowin, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Nye Beach, Seal Rock, Waldport, Yachats & Florence
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SUPER FAMILY FRIENDLY (and dog-friendly too)

SAN DUNE INN, MANZANITA. Super friendly and perfect for families or lovers - including a "honeymoon suite." All sorts of amazing freebies, like bikes, games, videos, etc. Read the story here. 428 Dorcas Lane. www.sandune-inn-manzanita.com. 503-368-5163.



TROLLERS LODGE - Depoe Bay. Insanely adorable, all rooms have a personal touch in the décor. Find a lovely garden, porch with a view, gas grills, picnic area, phones, cable TV and some rooms with incredible ocean views. It’s also very pet friendly. Three truly remarkable vacation homes are available too. 355 SW Hwy 101, Depoe Bay * (800) 472-9335 or (541) 765-2287. www.trollerslodge.com.



FULTANO'S PIZZA CANNON BEACH. Stunning gourmet-style Italian food at a family pizza joint price. Lots of regular pizza and calzone selections, but also including some wild innovations. Their pasta sauce is simply amazing. Perfect for the romancers as well as family. 200 N. Hemlock and Second Street. (503) 436-9717. Read the story here. CBfultanos.com


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Safety Tips for Your Dog on the Oregon Coast Beach safety is something you have to not only keep in mind for yourself but for your pet as well

Oregon Coast Whales - Guide to Whale Watching updated news about Oregon coast whales

Oregon Coast History: World War II Remnants You Can Visit While the Oregon coast really enjoyed a special sense of being sheltered from the dangers, the war did hit home here in some remarkable ways it did not anywhere else in America

American Travel Photo Essay: Crazed Colors of Depoe Bay, Oregon Coast Depoe Bay has interesting interactions happening between sea and sky with the way it is lit.

Where Are You Going to Next on the Oregon Coast? = leave your comments at this link, and tell us why

Oregon Coast Travel Tips: Netarts is Bigger Than You Think Up on the north Oregon coast, tucked away along the rather secretive and intricate Three Capes Loop, sits a tiny town called Netarts

Highlights of a Spring Break in Cannon Beach, North Oregon Coast Cannon Beach is an oasis of many distractions for parents and the kids, especially if you like the finer things

Three Capes Spring Break Highlights on the Oregon Coast: Pacific City, Oceanside
One of the big treasured secrets among Oregon coast visitors who are in-the-know is the Three Capes Loop

Spring Break Highlights in Yachats, Central Coast
For a tiny town, this central Oregon coast spot is huge on natural attractions.

Seaside Spring Break Highlights on the N. Coast
The undisputed king of spring break for the Oregon coast, Seaside, has more to do this time of year for both kids and adults than you can shake a chunk of seaweed at

Central Oregon Coast Spring Break Highlights at Newport: for Kids and Grownups
Newport abounds with things to do in spring break for both the kids and mom and dad

Spring Break Highlights in Lincoln City, Oregon
Spring break is essentially about the family and the kids on the Oregon coast - but you may not want to discount what the grownups want

Searching for Ghosts on Oregon's Coastline The beaches of Oregon present plenty of opportunity for paranormal exploration

Beers by the Beach: Sampling Oregon Coast Microbreweries All along the Oregon Coast Highway, in seaside towns big and small, you can find talented and passionate brewers

Oregon Coast Road, Traffic Conditions Up to minute conditions, alerts for coast range highways, 101

Surprising Unknown Rules of the Oregon Coast There's a lot coastal tourism entities haven't told you, and won't.

What's Up with Those Claims of Oregon Coast Towns? Those little burghs along the coast have a lot to offer, although some of the spin may be more fish tales

The Outrageous Side of Oregon Coast Beaches The Oregon coast is one of the most dynamic places on Earth, where things constantly change, sometimes in truly freaky ways.

Adventures in Oregon Coast Star Gazing For those wanting to try a bit of stargazing a la Oregon coast, the dark beaches and dark spots won't be hard to find

Oregon Coast Travel: Insider Tips from the Locals, Part 1 Fighting high gas prices, the rules for fires on the beach, where can you go camping on the beach, avoiding getting stranded on the highway, and more.

Nature Insider Tips for the Oregon Coast - part 2 There are fossil tours, wildlife tours, tips on where to find fossils, events for birders, kayaking possibilities, hidden nature spots most don't know about and much more. Especially this summer, there's much to do.

Places Where Things Explode on the Oregon Coast Get an oceanic eyeful in Yachats, Depoe Bay, Cannon Beach, Oceaside and more

The Sandy Coast: Soft Wonders of Oregon Beaches It's the stuff long, hand holding romantic walks are made of

Secret Coves of the Oregon Coast They are the beaches lost to most tourists and even to most locals

One Oregon Coast Village Has Gruesome History The pleasant town of Yachats had some truly dark, even demonic beginnings.

Oregon Coast Science Has Its Creepy, Gooey Side Some outlandish creatures inhabit the beach environment around you, as well as some freaky facts

Bizarre Oregon Beaches You've Never Heard Of One is in the middle of a kind of coastal nowhere, the other hidden in plain sight

Colorful Sea Slugs Make Waves in Oregon Coast Tide Pools More than 200 varieties of these surreal creatures inhabit the northwest, existing in a myriad of shocking colors, shapes and patterns

Oregon Coast Green Flash at Sunset Caught on Video One magnificent natural oddity caught twice on camera on the Oregon coast in recent weeks

What They Miss About the Oregon Coast There are plenty of folks who remember chunks of living history about the region, and its more rugged, even ruddy appearance and vibes.

Freaky Facts About the Famous on the Oregon Coast Tales about King Crimson, Gov. Arnold, Heart, Sean Penn, John Cleese, Ted Nugent, David Ogden Stiers and more

Oregon Coast Freaky Fish, Celebrities, Ghost Trees and An Exploding Whale Witness a wild and distinctive set of crazy facts about the coast

DVD Delves Deep Into Oregon Coast Lighthouses It's a perfect year-round gift for those in love with the coast

Guide to Oregon Coast Whale Watching - Whale News

Odd Coast: Castles, Carnivore Plants, Edible Beach Goo Things can make you mmm on the beach, freaky landmarks, eco-friendly surprises and creepy plants

Oregon Itineraries, Day Trips and Tours on the Coast Things to do and quick drives to the coast

Oregon Coast Beaches The Locals Are Trying To Keep From You There's more to the coast than the clam chowder or visiting the same spot each time

More Tourists Turning to 'Living La Vida Local' on Oregon's Coast Not just part-timers, but day visitors are digging deeper too

Eternal Charm of Oregon Beach Burghs Forget the glitz and the commercialism,: this is the way to relax on Oregon's shores

Lodging Suggestions, Secrets & More

Romance on Oregon's Coast: Four Cuddle-Inducing Lodgings Explore four unique places to stay with some interesting differences

Oregon Coast Charmer Features Amusing Pup, Natural Wonders Trollers Lodge, in Depoe Bay, is a gem worth exploring

Seaside Oregon Lodging Highlights A glance at motels, hotels and other lodgings in that magical town

Cannon Beach Lodging - Manzanita,Wheeler, Rockaway Lodging - Garibaldi Lodging - Oceanside, Pacific City, Neskowin Lodging - Lincoln City Lodging, Hotels - Depoe Bay Lodging - Newport Lodging - Waldport, Yachats Lodging

Coastal Inn Provides Fun & Funky Amenities Something different this way comes in the realm of coastal lodgings

Dining Out

Oregon Coast Restaurant Reviews See what's awesome for dining, and what isn't

Oregon Coast Restaurants and Dining - a full list of restaurants, places to eat up and down the coast

Fun for Those Over 21

Complete List of Oregon Coast Bars and Lounges Raise your glass in a toast on the coast - from calm and classy to fun for spring breakers

Touring Oregon's Kooky Coastal Bar Scene From fine to funky, the edge of the continent is full of unique wateringholes

Sampling Wines and Wine Bars on the Oregon Coast Wine shops and wine bars are a growing part of coastal tourism

Oregon Coast Winery Has Fun and Musical Twist Nehalem Bay Winery, and its sister Depoe Bay Winery, are a major source of fun along the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast Seasonal Things to Do - Any Season - Attractions - Beaches

Pictures of Oregon Coast Unusual Moments, Oddities They are the things rarely seen by tourists, even many locals. Those matchless moments or singular events so off the wall they seem unreal sometimes.

The Oregon Coast That Whizzes By Regular trips up and down more than 130 miles of Oregon coast yield sights that would pop the eyes out of almost any visitor

Details of the Oregon Coast Most Entrancing Take a little closer look at the beach spots you hang out at, or spend a bit more time exploring, and you'll discover another world

Of Geology and of Ghosts: Scary Tales of the Oregon Coast Ghost tales are chilling, but the truth of geology is far stranger and scarier than fiction

Oregon Coast Tour in Pictures From Astoria to Florence in dozens, maybe hundreds of photos, it's Oregon Coast 101

Astounding Oregon Coast Hikes, Killer Views The coming of spring means hiking to many. And if you're looking for an astounding view with your hike, the Oregon oast is calling you.

Seaside: Three Faces of an Oregon Coast Town Seaside is part carnival, natural wonder and living history

Hiking It and Roughing It on Oregon’s Coast A look at trails and rugged campgrounds

Shoreline Secrets, and Other Tidbits of Oregon's Coast Guy DiTorrice gives away the BIG secret every tourist wants to get his hands on

Nocturnal Revelations at a Secret Oregon Coast Spot Below, even at night, you can still see the whites of the breakers

25 Miles of Mystery and Wilderness on Oregon's Coast Oregon's Three Capes Loop is a collection of wonders

Oregon Coastal Village Wows with Mystic Vibe, Ghost Forest Neskowin is different in many ways, including its geologic features

Oregon Travel Secrets: Same Beach, Different Faces The appearance of a beach can change with the seasons or for other reasons

Cool Caves of Oregon's Coast Mysterious indentions to larger, cavernous wonders

Fire Beneath the Oregon Coast: The Science of Underwater Volcanoes The VENTS program at the Hatfield in Newport is making waves

Word Spreads About N. Oregon Coast Mystical Legend The slightly paranormal Wheeler Moment is getting around

Oregon Travel Secrets: Coastal Sea Stacks They stand like enormous sentinels just offshore - and they, and the areas around them, have their hidden sides

Unforgettable Colors of the Oregon Coast at Night It's at night the Oregon coast can really shine with some exceptional colors you can't see any other way

Deep Inside An Aquarium on Oregon's North Coast After 70 years, the Seaside Aquarium is still splashing up fun

Oregon Coast with the Kids - Without Sacrificing the Finery Travel with the kids and still enjoy the upscale and wondrous on Oregon's Coast.