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Northern Cannon Beach: Les Shirley Park and Whale Park
Virtual Tour of Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast

Cannon Beach, Whale Park

Cannon Beach, Whale Park Les Shirley

You’ll find Les Shirley Park - a quaint little park - at the north side of the bridge, next to Ecola Creek.

Across the creek, part of downtown, you'll find Whale Park, with this whale statue overlooking the beach from a gazebo-like structure. Phones, restrooms and picnic tables are just some of the amenities here.

But more importantly, it commemorates the southernmost place visited by Lewis & Clark back in 1806. There’s a plaque here to Clark, Sacagawea and the Corps members who wandered here to check out a beached whale. Technically, the whale was on the northern side of the creek, however, at Les Shirley.

You can access the beach from both.

Les Shirley Whale Park

Cannon Beach Lewis & Clark Whale momument

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