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Remnants of Old Jump-Off Joe, Nye Beach
Virtual Tour of Newport, Oregon Coast

Top Photo: Looking at the remnants of the old Jump-Off Joe structure from the early part of the century - taken from atop the NEW Jump-Off Joe.

Especially fascinating in this area is the story of a rock structure called Jump-Off Joe, once situated at Nye Beach, just north of 11th St. The original Joe crumbled under the weight of the changing tides by the `40s (pictured here), and another subsequent rock structure took on the name. The new Jump-Off Joe – at the bottom of 11th - is quickly crumbling too, and it won't be long before it no longer exists.

You can still access the uppermost ledge of Jump-Off Joe and walk about fifty feet above the beach, (which provides a wonderfully romantic spot to cuddle, especially at night.) To access it, take 11th street until it dead ends in the parking lot above Joe. From there, you can walk through the rather ominous-looking remnants of a condominium's foundation to get to the top of Joe.

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