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Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Wheeler, Nehalem BayNehalem Bay, Manzanita, Wheeler, Rockaway Beach Virtual Tour - on the Oregon Coast.
Visitor Information, Milepost Guide, Blog, Pictures, Photos, Maps, Mileage of Nehalem Bay, Manzanita, Wheeler, Rockaway Beach

From North to South - From Oswald State Park, Manzanita, Nehalem, Highway 53, Wheeler to Rockaway Beach

A Guide to Manzanita, Nehalem Bay, Wheeler and Rockaway - Beaches and Landmarks in dozens of Oregon Coast pictures, Blog, Milepost Guides

* Note: there are stops hidden between the tour stops listed

Secret Cove Near Tunnel

Secret Cove Near Tunnel - about Falcon Cove Road, numerous photos and information - About MP 39


Hidden Cove, Beach

Hidden Cove, Beach - fascinating fossil finds


Oswald State Park Bridge

Oswald State Park Bridge - This sprawling, forested oasis runs along the highway - About MP 39


Short Sand Beach

Short Sands Beach - about Smuggler's Cove, forest streams

Forbidden Cliffs Near Manzanita - wild secrets of Neahkahnie - At MP 40


Forbidden Cliffs, Boiling Surf - a sudden drop into the ocean


Manzanita Freaky Cliffs, Devil's Cauldron towering basalt curiosities, landmarks you've never seen


Forbidden cliffs near Manzanita

Forbidden Cliffs 4 - an unusual cathedral-like rock structure and other wonders - At MP 40

Short Sand Beach from Above - Continue up the road to the viewpoints beneath Neahkahnie Mountain


Looking down into Short Beach

Short Sand Beach, Manzanita - dramatic ocean vistas and monster waves are common


Manzanita deep blue viewpoints

Viewpoints Above Manzanita - stunning sights on on the north Oregon coast, Manzanita visitor information - At MP 41


Possible shipwreck remnants

Looking Deeply Into the Viewpoint - Are the leftovers of a shipwreck still visible?

Neahkahnie Viewpoints - Rumbling waves, dramatic ocean vistas


Viewpoints at Manzanita

Viewpoints, Rock Formation, Video - photos of the area at night and during the day


Legend of the Indian Maiden

Above Manzanita - Maiden Legend - the boulder-ridden stretch of land hugging the cliffs - At MP 41


Manzanita in Deep blue

Beaches of Manzanita - long stretches of sand with amenities close - Around MP 42

Manzanita and Neahkahnie Special Features

A Favorite Oregon Coast Landmark: Short Sand Beach, at Oswald West State Park


The Complete Guide to Neahkahnie Mountain: Hiking Neahkahnie Mountain, Manzanita's Marvel, Oregon Coast Landmark  Neahkahnie Mountain, the looming presence above laidback Manzanita


Manzanita's Neahkahnie Overlooks an Oregon Coast Masterpiece Its history is also filled with talk of a treasure buried somewhere


Oregon Coast Scenery That Makes a Scene: Manzanita's Overlooks; Video
They're called the Neahkahnie Overlooks and it's a non-stop supply of oceanic eye candy. Travel tips

Manzanita Mystery - foggy drama, moody sights, the Big Dipper - Around MP 42


Rockaway Beach motel
Tradewinds Motel


Pink clouds at Manzanita

Manzanita in Clouds at Dusk - powerful lighting effects along the beach


MacGregor's A Whiskey Bar, Manzanita

Sun and moonrise at Manzanita

Sun and Moonrise Manzanita - see the stars move around the Oregon coast



Dusk colors of Manzanita

Manzanita Heated Wind - dusk colors, various photos of Manzanita - Around MP 43


Beach Break Vacation Rentals, LLC - Manzanita, Rockaway, more

Sky in Sand, Floating Mt
- meteor over Manzanita
- Around MP 43


Manzanita secrets

Secret Manzanita Park - other secrets of Manzanita as well - Around MP 43


Ocean Inn


Nehalem Bay

Nehalem Bay State Park - and about the Ken Kesey connection - Around MP 44

Nehalem Bay Hiking

Nehalem Bay State Park Hiking - This beautiful state campground contains 284 campsites


Nehalem Bay State Park

Nehalem Bay State Park - beaches at the northern end - Around MP 44


Nehalem landmarks

Nehalem - Landmarks along Nehalem Bay at night - Around MP 45


Nehalem Oregon architecture

Nehalem Architecture - Old west meets beach funky and fun - Around MP 45

Scenic Highway 53 - Between Nehalem and Wheeler sits the junction of 101 and Highway 53 - Around MP 46


Side Trip: Manzanita Nights - ethereal fun


Kooky Winery - more hilarious moments, Nehalem Bay photos


3 Unusual Sights in Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Wheeler

Quaint and Kooky Wheeler

Quaint and Kooky Wheeler - engaging and addiction town on the Nehalem Bay


Wheeler - more quirky fun and Nehalem Bay photos - At MP 47


Wheeler Ancient History

Wheeler Ancient History - unique aspects to this beautiful town


Wheeler Dockside - beautiful views along the Nehalem Bay

Wheeler bayside

Wheeler (learn about the "Wheeler Moments "Legend) - wild coincidences - At MP 47


Wheeler Oddities - antiques and other pleasant surprises


Manhattan Beach Access, jetties

Nedonna Beach Access - the northern end and the jetties at Rockaway Beach - Around MP 49


Rockaway Beach North - playgrounds, other photos of Rockway attractions - Around MP 50

Rockaway Beach Main Access caboose

Rockaway Beach Main Access - the famed train and other attractions in Rockaway - Around MP 50


Rockaway's Main Wayside and history

Rockaway's Ocean's Edge Wayside - pristine sands and historical attractions, discoveries


Downtown Rockaway

Downtown Rockaway - intriguing architecture of the Rockaway Beach - Around MP 50


Rockaway Sands and Rocks, Video, Night- fascinating photos of Twin Rocks - Around MP 51

Rockaway Beach's Twin Rocks, Close Up

Rockaway Beach's Twin Rocks, Close Up - sea stacks, photographs, Rockaway visitor info - Around MP 51


Rockaway's Twin Rocks, Geology

Rockaway's Twin Rocks, Geology - the origin of Twin Rocks - Around MP 52


Southern Rockaway Beach Accesses, Minehaha

Southern Rockaway Beach Accesses, Minehaha - more Rockaway visitor info - Around MP 52


Southern Beaches, Night Movement, Shand Ave.

Articles with surprises you won't find anywhere else


Rockaway Beach Landmark: South Jetty


Nehalem Bay South Jetty: Calm Face, Wild Face


Rockaway Beach Geologic Surprise
- Land Altered



Lodging in Seaside

Beach Break Vacation Rentals, LLC. Rental houses in Manzanita, along Nehalem River, Falcon Cove, Neahkahnie Mountain, Rockaway Beach, down to Cape Meares. Extremely varied styles: large homes to small, romantic cottages; oceanfront townhomes to unique. You may find large decks, indoor or outdoor hot tubs, Jacuzzis, barbecues, crab cookers, fire pit or home w/ boat moorage or a sauna. Plenty are ocean view, but also numerous mountain views available. Office in Nehalem, on 101. 503-368-3865. 877-655-0623. www.beach-break.com
Tradewinds Motel, Rockaway Beach. Expansive ocean views. For families, couples or large groups. Some pet friendly. All rooms immaculate: TV’s, VCR’s and in-room phones. Wi-fi. Oceanfronts all have queen bed, a double hide-a-bed, kitchen, cozy firelog fireplace and a private deck. Some oceanfront units come w/out kitchens. Lavish rooms, yet some still perfect for those on a budget. Has an elaborate oceanfront Jacuzzi suite w/ two bedrooms. Some rooms connect to create two-room and three-room suites. 523 N. Pacific St., Rockaway Beach. (503) 355-2112 - 1-800-824-0938. www.tradewinds-motel.com
Ocean Inn. Ten beautifully appointed units against the beach. Spacious rooms with high ceilings, mix of wood and brick. Four apartments are one-bedroom, full kitchen units. Four have full kitchens, ocean views. Two units are suites: one w/ ocean view, one handicap equipped. Some pet friendly. Each unit TV/VCR, microwave, futon couches. Other amenities may include oceanside decks, wood stoves, Jacuzzi baths, dishwasher and a garage or carport. 32 Laneda Ave. Manzanita, Oregon. 503-368-7701. 866-368-7701. www.oceaninnatmanzanita.com.
Nehalem River Inn. In lush forest, historic inn has new life as a boutique hotel. Lovingly restored, almost 100 yrs old. Each room unique: all w/ own character, always keeping rustic flavor yet thoroughly modern. Marvelous high-end details: lux linens, bathroom vanities created by local craftsmen, hardwood floors. Two rooms pet friendly, some decks. Patio, firepit. Amenities: flat panel smart TV, kitchenettes, coffee makers, electric kettle, dining table and chairs. 34910 Hwy 53. Nehalem, Oregon. (503) 664-0044. Website
Sheltered Nook on Tillamook Bay. Unique set of vacation rentals: extremely eco-friendly but with tiny homes (each 385 sq ft). Set in a secluded woodsy area near Tillamook Bay, Disc Golf course, fire pit and even dog bath. Complimentary breakfast each morning. Pet friendly. Each home individually decorated, vaulted ceilings, plenty of natural light. Flat screen TV, DVD player, private wi-fi, private deck w barbecue, outdoor seating7860 Warren Street. Bay City, Oregon. (503) 805-5526. shelterednook.com
MacGregor's A Whiskey Bar, Manzanita, upscale, intimate cocktail lounge in the heart of Manzanita. Mixologists can whip up anything you desire, though the focus is obviously on whiskey - MacGregor's has over 200 bottles of brown liquor. Great food, beer, wine, and a variety of liquors, starting at moderate prices. Tasting adventures: they have pre-set and custom flights available, like the Oregon Bourbon flight or the Japanese Whisky flight, or maybe a tequila or rum flight. Coastal nights and MacGregor's front porch firepits make for the perfect setting for a wee dram. 387 Laneda Avenue. 503-368-2447. Website here.

60 vacation homes to choose from, all in Cannon Beach or Arch Cape. Massive, grandiose homes with historic character to brand new; even condos near beach. All oceanfront or very close. Sleep as many as 12. Highlights include garden areas, clawfoot tub, hot tubs, decks, a solarium and maybe even an electric organ. Some homes are in a condo complex w/ swimming pool. Some pet friendly. Cannon Beach Fultano's. Delivers to hotels; slices for lunch. Find all the regular pizza favorites as well as gourmet varities, including seafood, linguica, teriyacki chicken and even a sauce made of mashed grapes. Amazing homemade soups. Pasta dishes out of this world, with now-famous recipe, stellar meatballs. Homemade lasagna. All affordable in family-friendly atmosphere that is also romantic.

Literally over 100 homes available as vacation rentals – all distinctive and carefully selected to be special. Find them in Yachats, Waldport, Newport, Nye Beach, Otter Rock, Depoe Bay, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, Lincoln City, Neskowin, Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar and Rockaway Beach. Some pet friendly.

On the Seaside Promenade, in Seaside

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Manzanita Freaky Facts, Weird Science on N. Oregon Coast How is Manzanita related to a doomsday volcano? What about its wild history of ancient shipwrecks, treasure hunting? What famous person died there? Why do local waters sometimes glow?

Oregon Coast Question Answered: Best Beaches of Manzanita? The area runs the gamut of landscape geography, from towering cliffs, soft sand beaches, rocky places to amble around a variety of waterways

Rockaway Beach, Oregon Tourism, Sites and Sights What was once called Garibaldi Beach, according to the history books, became named Rockaway Beach early in the last century and has been a tourism hotspot ever since

Latest in Manzanita, Oregon Coast: Beach Dangers, Lodging, Rentals, Spring, Sunsets, Debris, Oswald Gas canisters, spectualar sunsets, spotting whales, i-phone lodging listings, Manzanita maps, rentals in Manzanita, more news

Manzanita - Rockaway Blog: Latest Out of Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Wheeler and Nehalem Bay

Manzanita at the Distance: Amazing Objects, Secrets Come to Light (Photo Essay) Not everything about an Oregon coast beach is at its best when walking on the beach. Not everything that's awe-inspiring about the area happens when you're close to it.

Manzanita, Oregon Explorations: Photos of Stunning Sunsets at Manzanita Between Cannon Beach and the Nehalem Bay sits the somewhat secretive village of Manzanita

N. Coast Time Lapse: Manzanita, Wheeler, Cannon Beach, Seaside The latest video experiment from Oregon Coast Beach Connection shows some fascinating things happening with the scenery that we see everyday

Wandering Rockaway Beach: the Sandy Wonder at a Second Glance A longtime Oregon coast vacation spot, one with a history literally going back to the beginning of the last century, Rockaway Beach is seven miles of gorgeous sand and a myriad of wowing wonders

Stunning Sights of Manzanita, a N. Oregon Coast Oasis (Photo Tour) This little north Oregon coast village is a kind of forested wonder and oasis of breathtaking sights and attractions tucked away a bit from the masses of traffic zipping along Highway 101

More Reasons to Meander Around Manzanita You could literally spend days just bouncing around the beaches and the nooks and crannies of Manzanita and never get bored. It's the viewpoints that often amaze the most, and for good reason. Neahkahnie Mountain is one of the most spectacular and photogenic spots on the entire Oregon coast

Astounding Sights and Sounds Between Cannon Beach and Manzanita For those intrepid explorers of the Oregon coast it's a goldmine of fantastic sights and discoveries. This thoroughly clandestine beach goes by the name of Falcon Cove, situated on the north Oregon coast between Arch Cape and Manzanita

Rockaway Beach Briefly - A Small Photographic Tour Rockaway Beach has been a favorite Oregon coast destination for over 100 years now, albeit a bit clandestinely

Details and Delights of an Oregon Landmark: Exploring Rockaway Beach This is the calm and cozy sandy wonder from the Oregon coast, boasting seven miles of soft granules and a kind of 1800's Old West look against an ocean backdrop

Shooting Stars, Other Galactic Fun Above N. Oregon Coast This weekend has proven to be filled with a variety of surprises in nature along the Oregon coast, including a few at night in Manzanita

That Beachy, Forested Wilderness Between Manzanita and Cannon Beach An intricate Oregon coast oasis of the untamed and rugged in between two very civilized worlds, near Manzanita, Wheeler and Nehalem.

Oregon Coast Oddities at Manzanita: Curiosities of Rock Manzanita is a cozy north Oregon coast hamlet that sits equal distance between the more bustling Cannon Beach and Rockaway Beach

Oregon Coast in 2011: Most Memorable Photos of Manzanita, Wheeler, Rockaway About 15 minutes south of Cannon Beach, you'll find the Nehalem Bay area, with its viewpoints and the towns of Manzanita, Rockaway, Nehalem and Wheeler

Oregon Coast Landmark: the South Jetty at Rockaway Beach At the southern side of the Nehalem Bay mouth, at Rockaway Beach, the south jetty juts out into the sea

Nocturnal North Oregon Coast: Rockaway Beach After the Sun Goes Down By night, however, Rockaway Beach reveals an esoteric, even alien-looking side

New Public Fishing Dock for North Oregon Coast Town This Saturday marks the gran opening celebration for a brand new fishing dock on Lake Lytle, in the north Oregon coast town of Rockaway Beach

Video Tour: Moving Around Manzanita, Nehalem Bay Move slowly throughout the north Oregon coast town and witness dozens of details - TimeLapse Video of Wheeler, Manzanita, Oswald West State Park



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Manzanita Map

Manzanita, Oregon map
View Larger Map

Mileage between Manzanita and Rockaway Beach: 12 miles

Mileage between Manzanita and Short Sands Beach: 5 miles n. of town


Oswald West State Park Map

Oswald West State Park Map, Cape Falcon Map
View Larger Map

Mileage between Manzanita and Oswald West: 5 miles n. of town


Wheeler Map

Wheeler , Oregon map Nehalem Bay
View Larger Map


Rockaway Beach Map

Rockaway Beach, Oregon map
View Larger Map

Mileage, distance between Rockaway and Garibaldi: 5.1 miles (10-min drive)

Mileage, distance between Rockaway and Barview: 3.1 miles



Time Lapse Video of Wheeler, Manzanita, Oswald West State Park



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