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- See South Beach (by Newport) Ona Beach, Driftwood Beach, Theil Creek, Holiday Beach, Seal Rock, Seal Rock State Recreational Site, Beaver Creek, Lost Creek State Recreational Site, Waldport, Alsea Bay, Ona Beach
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Not THAT South Beach: Newport's South Beach Mix of Oregon Coast Whimsical to Atmospheric More than a tourism afterthought as you leave southwards. There's a big bay, a walkway out into the water, some mighty science vessels, a major beach attraction sometimes overlooked  

Oregon Coast Virtual Tour: Winter Views of a Secret Spot South of Newport Between Seal Rock and Newport's South Beach area, a tiny bit south of the MP 146 marker - Thiel Creek, Holiday Beach


Oregon Coast's Mega-Cool Holiday Beach Near Newport - What You Don't Know Technically, it's called Holiday Beach there's no signage anywhere near it

More on Lost Creek Soon

More on Holiday Beach, Thiel Creek Soon


The Lost Creek of the Central Oregon Coast About halfway between Newport and Seal Rock sits a fairly well traveled and obvious beach access called Lost Creek State Park




More on Brian Booth State Park Soon

Intricate Oregon Coast Oddities: Surreal Slabs of Ona Beach Ona Beach is among the strangest beaches on the Oregon coast, smothered in a long line of angular oddities made of basalt


The Graceful, Pristine and Surprising on Oregon Coast: Ona Beach Ona Beach, full of surprises on numerous levels

  Oregon Wildlife Officials on Coastal Bird Watching from Your Car Take a trip upriver and enjoy the abundance of wintering waterfowl like American wigeon, green-winged teal, mallard, and northern pintail. These rivers could include the Siletz by Lincoln City, the Nehalem River closer to Nehalem, and Beaver Creek near Ona Beach   More on Ona Beach Soon

Four Engaging, Ultra-Cool Aspects of Central Oregon Coast's Waldport - Wispy sands, the meandering Alsea Bay, the towering bridge and a host of little details: Patterson, Tillicum Pacifica.


Seal Rock:
NW Curtis St.: Funky Little Oregon Coast Access with No Name


Strange Oregon Coast History: Legend of Seal Rock Sea Monsters One strange, paranormal claim for the central Oregon coast area has become lost in time


A Half-Circle of Serious Fun: Seal Rock State Wayside, on the Central Oregon Coast As you first meander down the walkway from the Seal Rock parking lot, you'll initially be greeted by this rather awe-inspiring sight. Distance between Newport, Waldport and Seal Rock

Oregon Coast Virtual Tour: Seal Rock Tidepools, Curious Shapes, Strange Basalts Surreal and yet surene, the beachy oddball Seal Rock is more than just scenic eye candy


Oregon Coast Landmark: Exploring Seal Rock's Varied Details The main attraction is, of course, Seal Rock itself: a towering behemoth of black basalt that presides over all the other myriad attractions


Seal Rock State Recreational Site Tidepool - Curious Shapes, Strange Basalt. Seal Rock Oregon Coast Virtual Tour A variety of grooves and intriguing shapes inhabit this fun and funky half-circle that is the beach of Seal Rock


Seal Rock Tidepool Explorations - Waldport/Seal Rock Oregon Coast Virtual Tour A massive variety of rock formations dot the landscape at Seal Rock

Driftwood Beach State Recreation Site - Distinctive Wonder of Waldport an enormous sandy beach often quite populated with large chunks of driftwood

  More on Driftwood Beach State Recreation Site soon  

Three Wild Beaches With Luxury Hideouts in Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln County - Fun finds near Driftwood Beach

  Beach Access 66C - Waldport's Bayshore area Found between Sandpiper Dr and NW Cunard St.

Oregon Coast Virtual Tour: Waldport's Alsea Bay Bridge, Night Views and History At night the Alsea Bay Bridge seems to glow in a way that's different from other Oregon coast bridges


Waldport, Seal Rock Complete Guide - list of all beach accesses from South Beach to Waldport


Two Days of Oregon Coast Fireworks: the Holiday in Waldport and Yachats If you plan it right sometimes, you can engage in three days of fireworks and Independence Day celebrations along the Oregon coast


More Waldport, Alsea Bay Coming Soon

Crazy Waldport, Oregon Coast History: Wreck of the New Carissa


Governor Patterson State Park
A broad beach with plenty of room, just south of Waldport


More on Governor Patterson State Park Soon



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